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DuroMax XP12000eh Review

You’re in the middle of the Skype call with an overseas buyer. All the work is done, the client is happy with your work progress and you are just about to submit the requested file. Suddenly the monitor becomes blank, everything around you has gone pitch-black and you can’t see anything! So, what happened? Oh! […]

DuroMax XP12000EH Power Specifications

Gasoline Power Specification Peak Watts: 12,000 Running Watts: 9500 Peaks AMPS @ 120Volts: 100  Running AMPS @120Volts: 79.17 Peaks AMPS @ 240Volts: 50 Running AMPS @ 240Volts: 39.58 Propane Power Specification Peak Watts: 11,4000 Running Watts: 9,025 Peak AMPS @ 120Volts 95.00 Running AMPS @ 120Volts: 75.21 Peak AMPS @ 240Volts: 37.60 Click here to […]

DuroMax XP12000EH Product Specifications

The XP12000EH AKA “The Beast” Dual Fuel Product Specification Amperage: 39.6A/79.2A Voltage: 120Volts /240 VAC & 12VDC Frequency: 60HZ Horsepower: 18HP Engine Size: 457cc Engine Type 4-Cycle Air-Cooled Spark-Ignition Engine Speed: 36000RPM Fuel Type: Gasoline / Propane Fuel Tank Capacity (Gasoline): 8.3 Gallons Tank Size Suggestion (Propane): 40 Gallons Runtime (Gasoline) @ 1/2 Load: 8.83 […]